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For Business

  • Logistics We provide timely removal of solid waste from transportation hubs, logistics centers (gas stations, airports, railway stations, etc.).
  • Office Сenters Timely removal of garbage from office centers.
  • Retail We are adjusting to the growth rate of your business
  • Sports and Exhibition halls Our priority is the full satisfaction of visitors to the arena, concert halls, exhibitions.
  • Restaurants We service our clients and provide services for the removal of garbage for cafes and restaurants.
  • Events Dumpster rental for one day or several weeks at a specific address
  • Construction We provide high-quality removal of construction waste thus making your construction site comfortable and safe in operation, the adjoining territory clean and tidy.
  • Religious Institutions We will remove garbage in time and leave the territory clean.

Services of solid waste dispoal for business in Lviv

GreenEra Ukraine provides a full range of services for the collection and disposal of municipal solid waste that accumulates during the business operation. Regardless the type of commercial client, we will help to collect and dispose of all MSW and construction waste in an environmentally friendly manner.

GreenEra Ukraine is a young but promising company that is now a leader in this market of services. We provide services in the field of disposal of solid waste for commerce since 2016, using innovative methods that guarantee you a safe and cost-effective way of solid waste disposal, sorting and recycling. Our specialists are constantly working on programs, that improve the services provided and meet the regulatory requirements.

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