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About Us

GreenEra Ukraine is quality, environmental safety, speed and modern equipment

Every day we strive to make your life and our planet cleaner. GreenEra Ukraine is new and innovative company, which provides comprehensive waste management services in Ukrainian market. We are a national leader in implementation of world-advanced technologies. On December 1, 2016, we started our journey by winning the contract for waste services in Halytskiy district city of Lviv. Since then we won more contracts expand our markets into other districts of the city and recently provide collection, recycling and disposal services for more than 100 budgetary, over 1500 commercial and 125000 residential customers.

Advantages of the GreenEra Ukraine

  • We use European waste management technology (garbage cans and container tanks are up-to-date, high-quality and environmentally friendly);
  • We use ofuse of American and European experience in the organization of collection of solid waste;
  • We introduce the European tariff structure and their calculation, as well as calculations according to the European model;
  • Waste disposal at a modern landfill site.

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