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For cents: municipals have rented equipment which will save Lviv from trash flud

LCC "Lvivspeckommunrans" rented an Italian briquetting press in the event of an emergency situation with the removal of garbage from Lviv. According to the owner of the equipment Bohdan Mikhalus, any carrier company will be able to use the press... in case it gets into difficulties and ask for help. Now the equipment is being mounted, mounting completion is planned by the end of January, reported in the LMD.

A new landfill will be opened soon near Lviv

The new garbage carrier "GreenEra", which removes solid waste from the Galitsky district of Lviv, will soon receive its own landfill where the garbage will be transported. The owner of the "GreenEra" Bogdan Mikhalus said at a press conference today, December 7th.

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